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For more than 35 years, Lantern's advice has benefited thousands of clients.

We believe that property is an essential element in a balanced investment portfolio. Lantern’s role is to support its clients - through their intermediaries - with expert quality property advice and exceptional property investments that offer high returns, security and flexibility.

You can also choose froma range of our beneficial services including:

  • access to purchase excellent property investments at theright price
  • careful and professional advice in regard to your particular circumstances and property investment goals
  • when appropriate, a review of your overall property portfolio
  • access to independent and expert property legal advice
  • investment properties that are fully prepared for tenanting
  • excellent and ongoing property management services
  • the confidence that appropriate insurance has been considered
  • providing correct documentation for tax and accounting purposes
  • overviewing the implications of specific owner corporation rules
  • updated information when opportunities arise or economic situations change – and advice on how to best take advantage of these changes
  • ongoing education about property investment
  • regular communication through newsletters, workshops, seminars and special events.
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