Partnering with Lantern
Benefits to your business

At Lantern, our goal is to provide your business with all the property investment products and services that your clients need – whilst nurturing your ongoing relationship with your client.

Partnering with Lantern means you can enjoy the skills and resources of an entire property investment advisory business working for you and keeping you informed about property markets and investment opportunities. Lantern has successfully aligned with accountants, financiers, financial advisers, solicitors and other businesses – some for more than 30 years. Through their partnerships with us, these businesses have stayed ahead of their competition.

Like them, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • a dedicated Business Development team to provide you with everything from strategic planning and marketing to ongoing client support
  • added value, scope and protection to client relationships by confidently providing a greater range of services
  • a revenue stream and improved value of your business
  • invaluable and ongoing advice, support and training about property investment
  • involvement in the Australian property investment industry through a relationship with an industry pioneer
  • preferential access to prime investment property sourced using our strict philosophical criteria and due diligence processes
  • access to a dedicated property investment adviser
  • reduced risk of clients seeking property investment and related advice elsewhere
  • the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills with no added costs
  • regular communications to keep you and your clients informed about propertymarkets, investment strategies and opportunities as well as information on legislative and regulatory changes.

By partnering with Lantern, your clients’ risk is reduced.

Your clients will benefit from an overall investment strategy that will be more successful with the right propertyinvestment advice and you will have the added assurance that they won’t make the wrong investment decision. We ensure that you are able to confidently promote property investment to your clients. We cover the full range of propertyinvestment services, from education for you, your staff and your clients, and marketing property investment and your business to precise property selection and due diligence, purchase and settlement negotiations and ongoing property management.

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