Partnering with Lantern
Becoming a Lantern Partner

When you partner with Lantern, our agreement ensures you maintain complete ownership of your relationships with your clients.

There are four steps to becoming a Lantern partner.

1. Meet with a Lantern Business Development Manager
This is how we find out about you and your business, and you find out about Lantern and the benefits of partnering with us. We want to ensure the right partnership is being created.

2. Attend an introductory session
You and your staff are invited to attend one of our informative sessions 'Insights into Lantern and Property Investment'. Here, you will gain a sound understanding of our property investment philosphies and the due diligence process we carry out behind every investment. With this education, you'll be in a stronger position to discuss property investment with your clients.

3. Sign agreements
We follow up with a phone call or a meeting to discuss if you feel if Lantern is right for you. If it is, we send you our agreements to sign.

4. The partnership begins
Together we will determine appropriate strategies for your business and determine which properties are right for your client's investment success.

To get the ball rolling, please call our team on 1300 132 435 and ask to speak to our Business Development Team.

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