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Lantern Philosophies

With over 35 years of experience we have been able to develop strict guidelines and due diligence processes for successful property investment strategies. These guidelines have become known as our Property Investment Philosophies and drive our Property Selection Process. Ultimately, the combination of our wisdom, our contacts and our resources means we can offer real value to our partners.

The Lantern Property Selection Process is a stringent and robust methodology that culminates with strict due diligence procedures. This ensures we always provide quality property for your clients to purchase.

Our selection process is divided into Recommended and Endorsed properties.

Recommended property is property that fits within the strict philosophical criteria of Lantern, established over decades, which, after passing our strict due diligence criteria would qualify it as an excellent investment.

Firstly we would actively negotiate excellent terms and conditions for the purchase of this property and then we would recommended it for purchase as a long-term investment at a level appropriate to your client’s means. 

Such prime investment property will provide high returns, security and flexibility.

Endorsed property is property that is either specifically requested by a client or a property that Lantern believes offers some attributes to your clients however doesn’t fit within our Recommended category.

Such property, from any part of Australia, may not be explicitly designated for a long-term investment. It may be a rural or resort property, or a non-inner-urban metropolitan property. It could be a specific-purpose property or an investment property purchase undertaken to balance your portfolio. 

In response to these requests, we identify, stringently assess and endorse such property for purchase.

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